English course in immersion

English course in immersion introduction

As much as knowing how to write in English can be relevant according to your personal and professional needs, this knowledge is not always the most important in general. After all, for many students and professionals, speaking English, as well as understanding when others speak is something more necessary for their daily lives.

Examples are for people who, at work, should communicate in person or by phone with whom you speak English. Another situation in which talking and understanding the other is more important than writing in English is when you meet new people or even when watching untitled movies or listening to your favorite songs.

Want to know more about it? So continue reading this article and check out information that attest to the importance of learning English and discover even the most assertive ways to master a second language.

Ask your questions about what’s best: courses focused on immersion and immediate oral production X grammar-focused courses. To do so, please refer to the following topics:

The LifeUSA English school has a different proposition from all others. Its focus is on immersion in the new language and immediate oral production, and this method allows the student, from the third class, to understand and communicate with teachers in English.​

Why learning English is important

Before knowing the difference between courses focused on immersion and immediate oral production X courses focused on grammar, it is worth mentioning how, nowadays, it became essential to master a second language, including English.

After all, this language is recognized as universal, which means that when you know how to speak English, you can communicate properly with most people around the world. In addition, this knowledge opens many doors to the labor market.

According to surveys, professionals who dominate English can earn up to 51.89% more than people who don’t have that ability. But not only that, experts claim that learning a new language offers many mental health benefits.

Thus, by mastering English, your memory improves, you can make more assertive and rational choices as well as become more perceptive. Not to mention that by mastering the new language, you can watch your favorite TV shows without having to rely on dubbing or subtitles.

The pleasure of listening to music can be even greater, since you will be able to fully understand what you are hearing.

What is the most efficient learning methodology

But, after all, what is better, courses focused on immersion and immediate oral production or grammar-focused courses? Traditionally, English schools teach their students the language using grammar as their main basis.

Even if grammar has its importance in learning English, it is not the most efficient method, since it can become tiring and even more difficult to master the new language.

That’s because like Portuguese, English has an immense variety of grammatical rules. And from the moment grammar is taught first and then conversation, the chances of classes becoming boring and students giving up are greater.

As has already been said, many students want to learn to speak and attend English and not necessarily write. In this sense, courses focused on immersion and immediate oral production give priority to classes in which the conversation plays a major role.

Even in the first classes, when students may not master anything yet, teachers already speak English. This method makes your ears get used to the new language, while still preventing people from mentally translating everything they hear.

After all, to learn a new language, one should not translate, but rather understand what is spoken. That is why the course is called immersion, since the student fully inserts himself into the English language, which begins to be part of his daily life.

Thus, the person is stimulated still, outside the classroom, to study the language, including watching series and movies and listening to music. In places where this method is applied, students who wish to make an exchange are even motivated to do so.

They can even have the school’s help to make this trip. After all, an exchange is the most assertive way of consolidating the knowledge obtained in an immersion course.

How the LifeUSA method works

Knowing the efficiency that courses focused on immersion and immediate oral production offer their students, the American English school LifeUSA brings to Brazil its innovative teaching method. Your proposal is different from other traditional schools.

LifeUSA focuses on immersion and immediate oral production, which makes the student, from the third class, already understand what is said to him and be able to communicate with teachers in English.

What’s more, the courses are short-lived, making it more accessible to those who want to accomplish it. In traditional schools, on the other hand, courses all, in general, last years and more years, discouraging many students who do not want or cannot expand their learning.

In addition, LifeUSA has international certifications for students to have their knowledge validated abroad. Not to mention that the classes are very dynamic and interactive, making learning more enjoyable and satisfying, because the student perceives its evolution and is pleased to continue studying.

To this end, the Student Portal is also available, with different contents, such as exercises and games to test their knowledge. LifeSA serves companies and creates personalized classes for those with specific goals, such as a business trip.

What’s more, the student can have two weeks of immersion at the end of the course, taking a trip abroad, and demonstrating everything he learned during class.

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