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English Proficiency Certificate: Anyone who wants to study and even work abroad probably already dominates or is planning to dominate English. After all, it is the language that guarantees people to communicate adequately in virtually every country in the world.

However, it is not enough for you to have English on the tip of the language, you must provide to the university where you want to study or the place where you want to apply for a job vacancy that your second language is fluent. And how do you do that?

Therefore, there are international CERTIFICATIONs TOEIC and TOEFL. Continue reading this article and find out all about the topic, including the difference between both and how to get them. This and more, you find in the following topics:

  • What are international certifications
  • What is the difference between TOEIC and TOEFL
  • How TOEIC certification works
  • How TOEFL certification works
  • Where to get a certification

What are international certifications

International certifications are for you to ensure that you master English and thus be able to follow classes if you are going to study in another country. The same goes for those who want to work abroad, as a certification shows that you master English.

In order to obtain this document, you must pass the international test, which usually have two years of validity. It is worth saying that this time may seem short, but this is because it is understood that the level in foreign language is something perishable.

That is, anyone who stops studying a new language, even for a short time, runs the risk of losing not only its fluency, but also the vocabulary he has accumulated throughout his study time. Therefore, it is essential to be very well prepared for the exam.

International certifications are for you to ensure that you master English and thus be able to follow classes if you are going to study in another country.​

What is the difference between TOEIC and TOEFL

TOEIC is a certificate widely used in all of the United States. Today, more than 5,000 institutions accept this test as a way to admit professionals to their positions or programs.

In this group, there are both educational and governmental institutions, as well as companies and multinationals, even if it is traditionally a certification used in the corporate environment. In addition to being applied at the beginning of the work, the person can be tested with TOEIC at other times.

One example is the large conglomerates and multinationals, which make use of the exam to analyze how the progress of foreign employees is doing. Therefore, having this certification is still a way to grow in the labor market by showing your high level of English.

In this sense, it is a certification more sought after by employees in management positions and executives in senior positions. What’s more, for you, who’s thinking about taking this exam, know that he has 200 questions, of which half is auditory comprehension. The rest are read.

How the TOEFL English Proficiency Certificate works

Meanwhile, in relation to the TOEFL,it can be said that it is the best known test, and it is the universities that apply it the most. It is also worth saying that not only in the United States colleges ask for this certification, but in other countries as well.

No entanto, os critérios de nota variam de acordo com a universidade, sendo que, conforme o curso que o estudante deseja iniciar, também pode ser exigida uma nota diferente. Por isso, o áudio e o conteúdo escrito do TOEFL não são acadêmicos.

In general, those who perform this exam spend on average four and a half hours of proof. Over the period, four abilities are evaluated. They are:

  • Listening – listening comprehension;
  • Reading – reading;
  • Speaking – oral expression;
  • Writing – written expression.

In addition, the TOEFL has different modalities. In total, there are four:

  • TOEFL ITP (institutional testing program) – serves only for language school, not for college;
  • TOEFL PBT (paper based test) – is falling into disuse;
  • TOEFL CBT (computer based test) – must be done in person;
  • TOEFL iBT (internet based test) – is the most widely used in the world and can be performed on the web.

Where to get a certification

Now that you know how TOEIC and TOEFL international certifications work, it’s quite possible that you’ll be more clear about which one will help you when seeking an opportunity in another country. Be an academic improvement be a job in the labor market.

Even so, always check out the university or corporation regulations so you don’t have any questions. As for the difficulty of testing, it is worth saying that both closely resemble, which means that you should study a lot to pass the exams and achieve your certification.

So, meet the LifeUSA English school, which has an innovative teaching model that prioritizes fluency. In it, you are successfully preparing for the exam, and be able to communicate using a second language.

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